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Currently, following Research Section and Group Affairs are available. For anyone interested please contact the head of the session/group for any enquiries.
Also, we welcome any offers for establishment of new Research Section and Group Affairs.

Research Section

"Advanced Powder Metallurgy Processing"

Head of the Session:  Katsuyoshi Kondoh (Osaka University)


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Group Affairs

A-TS04-15 (2018.10~2023.9)
" Technical Section on High Performance Nano-carbon Composites
Head of the group:   Hiroyuki Kawada (Waseda University)

This study group was established by members of industry, government, and academia regarding the advanced utilization technology of carbon nanotubes, which is one of the nanocarbon materials. The main goal of this study group is to develop high-strength fibers that can be used as reinforcement fibers for plastic-based composite materials from spun multiwall carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and to develop alternatives to post-carbon fibers. Currently, it is active with more than 20 members.


A-TS04-14 (2016.9~2021.8)
"Technical Section on Disaster Mitigation and Sustainable Engineering"
Head of the group:   Hiroshi Asanuma (Chiba University)

A new concept of combined disaster mitigation and sustainable engineering was proposed by the head to realize disaster mitigation strategies through novel ideas and methodologies including advanced materials and technologies such as smart structures/materials. A number of enthusiastic people have been brought together from various fields and locations to build a platform and create new studies and technologies for disaster mitigation in conjunction with other societies such as SSMARTACE (Society for Sustainable Mitigation And Related Technologies Against Catastrophic Events). Requests for information and
collaboration possibilities are welcomed.

A-TS04-13 (2016.7~2024.6)
"Technical Section on Processing of Polymer-based Composites"
Head of the group:   Satoshi Kobayashi (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

Mechanical properties of polymer-based composites depend on the processing condition, and vary widely. For this reason, they are difficult to treat in the industrial field. In order to resolve the issue, it is necessary to establish the database about processing and characterization of the composites. The objective of this research group is to establish the database about processing, characterization and examples of the failure of polymer-based composites.


A-TS04-12 (2013.10~2022.9)
"Technical Section on Next Generation 3D Printing"
Head of the group:   Hidemitsu Furukawa (Yamagata University)

This section was launched in October 2013 to respond to the development of new technologies in the fields of 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing. We will establish an internationally competitive "next-generation 3D printing research network" in Japan by investigating the latest trends, sharing research results and open discussions by members.


A-TS04-09 (2009.10~2022.3)
"Technical Section on PD (Particle Deposition) Processes"
Head of the group:   Kazuhiko Sakaki (Shinshu University)

The purpose of the technical section on particle deposition process is to establish a guideline for analysis and control of the thermal spraying process. And understanding and process analysis elucidating and the coating formation principle in novel processes such as the Cold Spray method and Aero-Sol Deposition method. Furthermore, the purpose is to pursue the possibility of building a foundation and expanding the development of the PD (Particle Deposition) method, which is a film formation process by stacking particles.

Activity report