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Research Section & Group Affairs

Currently, following Research Section and Group Affairs are available. For anyone interested please contact the head of the session/group for any enquiries.
Also, we welcome any offers for establishment of new Research Section and Group Affairs.

Research Section

"Advanced Powder Metallurgy Processing"

Head of the Session:  Katsuyoshi Kondoh (Osaka University)


Activity report

Group Affairs

A-TS04-14 (2016.9~2021.8)
Head of the group:   Hiroshi Asanuma (Chiba University)

A-TS04-13 (2016.9~2021.8)
Head of the group:   Satoshi Kobayashi (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

A-TS04-12 (2013.10~2018.9)
Head of the group:   Hideki Kyogoku (Kindai University)

A-TS04-09 (2009.10~2018.3)
"Research group for PD (Particle Deposition) Processes"
Head of the group:   Masahiro Fukumoto (Toyohashi University of Technology)

Activity report